Supergirl: New Hero Trailer Released

(Photo: The CW)

"Our enemies remain at home, abroad and in the skies beyond our world..."

Supergirl has finally joined her rightful home on The CW network with the rest of the "Flarrowverse." Season 2 of the hit superhero series is already promising more action, the search for Jeramiah, a new Superman, and hopefully the discovery of Project Cadmus. It certainly looks like The CW has "A New Hero."

The hype is real for Melissa Benoist, who plays the adorkable Kara Danvers and makes for the perfect version of Supergirl. In a new trailer, that dropped today, we're reminded just how kick-ass Supergirl is with scenes from season 1. And, of course, that memorable scene with Kara, Barry, and Jimmy Olsen in Cat's office when she said, "You look like the attractive cast of a CW show."

You can watch A New Hero below:

Oh, and don't forget all the upcoming crossovers! Especially the special musical episode starting Supergirl and The Flash.

A new season of Supergirl premieres Monday, October 10 at 8/7c on The CW