Anne Hathaway Loves DC Universe, Wants To Return As Catwoman

Ever since Anne Hathaway starred in The Dark Knight Rises, the actress has been vocal about her love for the DC Universe. The actress, who suited up as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, recently reiterated those thoughts during a press junket for her new film.

“I loved that character and I had such a blast playing her,” Anne said. “I’m not sure how it would work because I think the Chris Nolan chapter of the Batman story has been wrapped up and I’m part of that, but I love the DC Universe and it would be fun to take a trip back.”

When asked if she felt possessive of the famous thief, Anne said it’s difficult to feel that way about comic book roles since they’re legacy characters. “It sort of goes with the territory when you accept it and receive it from the last Catwoman. I was shown such generosity from Halle [Berry] and from Michelle [Pfeiffer], and so I would do that the next time as well,” she explained.

In the past, Anne echoed these thoughts as she’s said numerous times she’d be interested in reprising her work as Catwoman. Speaking to IGN, the actress said she’d be up for the role so long as Christopher Nolan was involved with the project. For her, the director’s vision for Catwoman was something that caught Anne's attention.

“For me, the thing that made doing that part particularly fun was that she existed in his Gotham,” she said. “Without him I don’t think it would be the same thing.”

Of course, it doesn’t seem likely that Nolan will return to the DC Universe anytime soon. The director made it very clear that The Dark Knight trilogy was a contained franchise, and as the years have passed, DC Entertainment has now shifted their focus towards their extended cinematic universe. With Justice League on everyone’s mind, it would be hard for Catwoman to draw in enough hype to justify a standalone film.

However, there are those who are wondering whether Catwoman could make her DCEU debut in Ben Affleck’s Batman flick. While no announcements have been made about the character’s involvement, it was recently revealed that Joe Manganiello would play Deathstroke in the film.

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