The Flash Season 3 Premiere: Barry Gets A Date In New Clip

In preparation for the The Flash season three premeire, CW has released a few clips from the anticipated episode.

The premiere, titled Flashpoint, follows Barry's journey into a universe that he has altered. After going back in time to save his mother in the season two finale, Barry has discovered that his actions have turned the world upside down. His parents are both alive and well, but he has never been The Flash.

In this world, he has also never had a relationship with his life-long love, Iris West.

In the clip below, Barry is seen waking up and eating breakfast with his parents. It seems like they are the happy family he has always wanted them to be. After he hugs his mother good morning, she and his father start hinting that Barry needs to become more independent.

They also give him slack for not having a date in a while. Barry eases their minds, as he announces that the girl he has been flirting with for the past few months has agreed to join him on a date. Check it out!

We can assume the lucky lady he is talking about is actually Iris West.

In this version of reality, the two have never dated. Barry knows about Iris, and their past, but she doesn't remember any of it. Barry clearly can't move onto someone else, as he just recently declared his love for Iris, so he may be doing whatever he can to win her heart regardless.

This clip also shows just how hard Barry is clinging to his living parents. In their minds, they have lived with him all his life, but he has only spent time with them, as a family, for the last couple of months. By not moving out, and spending much of his time with them, Barry is trying to savor all of the moments he never had as a child. His mother even makes the comment, "You've been hugging me every morning like it's the first time you've seen me in months."

Try years, Mom.

The Flash returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 4 at 8pm ET on CW.

Following the Season 3 premiere of The Flash, will premiere its all new interactive after show series, Flashback, with special guest Teddy Sears. For more information on where to watch Flashback, click here!