Ezra Miller Breaks Silence On The Flash Director Departure

DC Films and Warner Brothers have now lost a second director for their upcoming The Flash standalone movie.

Last week, Rick Famuyiwa exited the film, citing "creative differences" as his reasoning for parting ways with the project. Famuyiwa's exit follows the departure of Seth Grahame-Smith from the director's chair months prior.

Now, star of the film and the upcoming Justice League movie Ezra Miller has weighed in on the subject, revealing what he thinks a director will need to helm the Speedster's movie.

"I think that the most important quality is the open heart," Miller said. "I think that The Flash has to be a story that is heartfelt. Because I think that's where the lightning really is."

So far, no candidates have emerged for The Flash.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Famuyiwa's departure comes during a time of major shake-ups in the upcoming slate of comic book movies. Tim Miller recently signed off of the Deadpool sequel after finding massive success with the first, along with Junkie XL deciding not to score the sequel, as well.

In The Flash's case, Famuyiwa's exit may be the result of a course correction from Warner Brothers. After the lackluster critical reception of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, its not unlikely the studio would be deviating from their originally planned content in an effort to appease more critics and fans for better box office returns.

The Justice League trailer and set visit revealed a drastically different approach to the characters of DC Comics as they have been injected with humor and levity following Batman v. Superman which focused on a darker, grittier style of storytelling. At the forefront of the Justice League's efforts to make audiences smile is Miller's Barry Allen. On set, Miller breathed new life into the franchise by offering up witty one-liners and a childish sense of joy which was not present in Ben Affleck's portrayal of Bruce Wayne or Henry Cavill's take on Clark Kent.

The Flash movie is currently set for release on March 16, 2018.