Harley Quinn Is Sane Again And Practicing Medicine

Except for a few flashbacks in comic books and now movies like Suicide Squad, we never really knew Harley Quinn before the Joker caused her hellacious insanity.

We do know that Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a highly-respected psychologist for troubled patients before she took on the Joker, who ruined her career forever and basically turned her brain inside out.

But, in an odd turn of events, she may have her old job (and sanity) back...for now.


The ending of Suicide Squad #5 left us with a big cliffhanger - Rick Flag reached his breaking point and almost put a bullet into Amanda Waller's head - but can you blame him?

Turns out he had a good reason for doing so as there is currently an "insanity outbreak" happening at Belle Reve and Harley Quinn suddenly reverted back to Dr. Harleen Quinzel to save the day.

Emergency psych doctor appears! Too bad she's crazy!

As soon as General Zod was subdued (after he already killed Captain Boomerang) he was put back into The Black Vault and taken to Belle Reve. The power goes out, and every prisoner is overcome with severe urges to kill each other.

Enter Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She busts out of her cell, wearing her old lab coat and glasses, ready to take on her first patient, all while claiming, "I'm sane again!"


Apparently the mysterious Black Vault had the opposite effect on her - completely curing her insanity. When you think about it, she couldn't possibly get any MORE insane than he already was, right?

She determined that the cause of the outbreak is The Black Vault, but what will she be able to do to stop the madness?

I mean, she cut off her hair, so she must be serious!

We're guessing we'll find out in the next issue of Suicide Squad.

“Suicide Squad” #6 is available now.