New 'Gotham' Clips Feature Professor Pyg

A new and disturbing Batman villain is making his way to Gotham.

Michael Cerveris (Fringe) will play Professor Pyg, a serial killer out to eliminate corrupt officers from Gotham City’s police force. As seen in the video above, Pyg places a pig's head on top of his victims’ heads after murdering them.

In the clip below, Pyg lectures James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) on corruption and suggests they have more in common than Gordon may want to admit.

Professor Pyg, aka Lazio Valentin, was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist Andy Kubert and first appeared in 2007’s Batman #666. When Morrison conceived of the character, he wanted to create Batman’s most insane villain yet.

Pyg was the leader of a criminal organization called the Circus of Strange. His personal crime was to release a virus that transformed people into Dollotrons, stripping them of their mind and fusing blank-faced masks to their head in an attempt to create the ideal human.

Professor Pyg is hardly the only villain coming to Gotham this season, as executive producer Bryan Wyndbrandt teased in an interview with

"You kind of got them all," Wynbrandt told us. "We've got Ra's on the scene. Obviously, we have Sofia Falcone coming to town. We've got Professor Pyg. Zsasz is going to play a big role in these first 11."

Gotham airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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