'Gotham' Recap With Spoilers - 'A Day in the Narrows'

Jim and Harvey meet at GCPD, with Harvey fresh out of the hospital. Jim reassures him that taking money from Penguin is stopping today. A load of bloody boxes is brought in and they're all filled with the heads of dead pigs. There are 44 in all, one for every cop in the department. Harvey says there are actually 45 cops, Pyg instructed the carriers not to give a box to Jim Gordon.

A charity fundraiser is taking place at Wayne Manor and Bruce is still sulking. He's getting testy with everyone around him. Alfred tries to talk to him but Bruce is hung up on what happened with Ra's al Ghul.

Jim unlocks the carriers from their cell and lets them go. Penguin appears and says he wants to help. He also introduces Headhunter, his new bodyguard. Jim turns down Penguin but Harvey has already agreed to work together. Harvey says that they need the help because cops are already scared. Jim's going to go off on his own and find Pyg alive, bringing him to justice. They are told three cops went missing in the Narrows.

Barbara tells Tabitha and Selina that she's shutting down her weapons shop since Ra's is gone. The duo aren't happy, feeling like they were lied to. After Barbara leaves, Selina and Tabitha talk about what their options are.

The GCPD, along with Penguin's men, arrive at the Narrows, the poorest part of town. While everyone talks strategy, people start throwing things at the cops from their windows. Everyone infiltrates the nearest building.

The forces fight their way through the residents of the building, Jim tries his best to keep cops from beating the bystanders.

At Wayne Manor, a girl named Grace talks to Bruce, they went to school together when they were kids. The two share a moment and decide to leave the fundraiser together.

Jim stops at one of the rooms in the narrows and goes inside to talk to the people living there. He treats them well and asks them questions. Headhunter barges in and takes a wheelchair bound man out of the room, dragging him into the street. He threatens the shoot the man and the cops and Penguin's men end up in a stand-off. The woman says that a hearse came and took the police men that went missing. They've got a lead.

The forces go through another building where they believe they'll find the cops. Jim finds two officers. One is dead and wearing a pig's head. The other asks for help and Jim unties him.

At the orphanage, Penguin is watching his men on the news while Sofia helps the kids. He brags and brags about his work with the police. Sofia tells Penguin that it was a stupid move and he's set himself up for failure.

Selina sneaks into the docks to steal a shipment of weapons from one of Gotham's gangs. She sets off an alarm and the men rush to her location. She made it out with the stash she found and he gang tortures the man that was supposed to be watching over it.

Jim accompanies the cop he found to the hospital. Harvey calls and says they haven't found Pyg or the other missing cop. The cop with Jim says that Pyg was wearing his mask and that he was tortured for hours while the villain sang nursery rhymes. He asks Jim why Pyg is doing all this and Jim says it's because there is so much rot in the city. The cop is confessing to the things he did for Penguin and Jim tells him that they can make it right together. Once Pyg is gone, he's going to clean up the department. The man tells Jim that Pyg was planning something in the Narrows.

Grace introduces Bruce to two of her friends, Emma Shay and Tommy Elliot. Tommy brings up their history and he tells Bruce that it's all good and in the past. The other kid in the room is called Brant. He makes fun of Alfred and Bruce gets angry but keeps his cool. They all decide to go to a club.

Jim approaches the abandoned courthouse in the Narrows and Headhunter shows up. He says that Harvey told everyone where Jim was heading and the entire department, along with Penguin, show up and take over.

Barbara is counting money with Tabitha when the latter gets a call from Selina. She needs help getting out and Tabitha agrees to come and get her.

Penguin holds a press conference about his work with the police from the courthouse in the Narrows. Harvey says it's a good plan because it can keep cops safe. Jim gets a call from Pyg who tells him that he's creating a better Gotham City. Pyg says Jim will die if he goes in "there." Jim has to stay out of the courthouse, and he tells Jim that "he's one of the good ones."

Bruce and the other teens are at a club in Gotham and Brant is denied by the bouncer. Brant and Bruce start to get at each other and Tommy stands up for Bruce. Bruce gets everyone in by buying the entire club, and then denies Brant entry.

Jim calls off the raid on the courthouse, saying that the cops are already dead. Pyg was the officer in the ambulance with Jim, tricking everyone. Penguin says that Pyg isn't telling Jim the truth and Harvey agrees. Harvey orders Jim to stand down and a group of cops and Penguin's soldiers head inside.

Tabitha and Barbara show up to the Demon's Head to rescue Selina. Barbara kills all of the men on her own and demands a cut of the profit. Barbara has changed her mind about the business and the three have decided to work together once again.

Inside the courthouse, Harvey shoots the man he thinks is Professor Pyg, but it's actually the missing cop. An un-manned gun begins firing, killing many of the cops inside the building. Penguin's men refuse to go in and stop the guns so Jim goes in by himself. Headhunter takes a bullet, but Jim soon shows up to destroy the guns. He grabs Headhunter first, saving his life.

Penguin tells the press that he didn't order the cops inside, but the attention of the cameras moves to Jim when he enters. He looks into the camera and tells Pyg that he's going to take him down. All of the police are now showing a new respect for Jim.

Pyg calls Gordon again, revealing that he was the cop in the ambulance. He starts peeling off his fake facial hair as they talk on the phone. He tells Jim that the next act in his saga is upon them, and Jim is playing the role of the muse.

At Penguin's club, Headhunter is talking and Penguin quickly kills him for being a failure.

Bruce and the teens are hanging at the club and Bruce says he's going to try out this new side of himself for a while. He downs a drink and gets on the dance floor, making out with Grace. They keep pouring drinks and having a good time, all through the night.

At the GCPD, another cop denies a criminal with a Penguin license. Jim has turned the department around.

The End.