The Flash Shows Bruce Wayne his Smarts in New 'Justice League' Clip

One of the first scenes released from Justice League is also one of its best, and a new clip gives fans more footage from that fantastic exchange

In trailers, fans only saw Bruce Wayne throwing a Batarang at Barry Allen, but this clip shines a light on the conversation that proceeded Batman revealing his identity. Bruce is aware that Allen has skills, but he states he isn't sure what those skills are.

"My special skills include viola, web design," Allen says. "Fluent in sign language...gorilla sign language."

Nice nod to Gorilla Grodd there DC. After that Bruce moves over to the Flash's suit, admiring the work Allen put in.

"Yeah, I do competitive ice dancing." When Bruce points out the materials he is using are ones used on the space shuttle, Allen has a solid justification for it. "I do very competitive ice dancing."

Okay, so not so solid.

At that point, Batman calls his bluff directly by chucking a Batarang towards him, resulting in a glimpse of Allen's super speed.

You can view the full clip above.

While Flash's suit is already impressive, it could always be improved, and Wayne does excel in that area. As for the costume itself, costume designer Michael Wilkinson revealed what formed the basis for the new spin on Flash's iconic costume.

"When we did research for Flash we definitely looked at speed suits, Olympic athletes, what people were wearing when they needed to move super-fast, the fastest people of Earth what they were wearing as well as looking into materials that would withstand electricity, withstand high heats, so we did all sorts of electric research," Wilkinson told

Wilkinson knew the designs would be scrutinized, and that's why he took so much time in the design process.

"Definitely the biggest film I have ever worked on, and I've been on this film now for more than one year but it's such a pleasure to be able to go into so much detail about these characters who surely warrant lots of attention on every last square inch of them so I have been able to pour a lot of love and respect into these guys from their necklines right down into the soles of their shoes," Wilkinson said.

Fans can judge the costumes for themselves when Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

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