'Justice League' Cast Recreate Their "All In" Poster Poses

Justice League's marketing campaign has provided fans with plenty of awesome posters. And judging by a recent video, the film's ensemble cast is pretty great at recreating them in real life.

The film's cast recently appeared on a livestream on VLive, as part of Justice League's ongoing press tour. The interviewer asked the cast to recreate their poses from the 'All In' poster campaign, with pretty fantastic results.

Ezra Miller was pretty confident about the task, standing up to model Barry Allen/The Flash's running stance as the cast cheered him on. Gal Gadot did the now-iconic pose of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman crossing her armbands, while Jason Momoa used a nearby prop to model Arthur Curry/Aquaman holding his trident.

Ray Fisher recreated Victor Stone/Cyborg's pose (and modeled Usain Bolt's "The Bolt" in the process). Ben Affleck was humorously reluctant to do the Bruce Wayne/Batman pose, but was cheered on by his castmates in the end.

But probably the best part of the video was Henry Cavill's "pose", seeing as Clark Kent/Superman was missing from the 'All In' campaign. He leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest, obviously poking fun at Superman being dead at the film's start.

Superman's involvement in Justice League has been a pretty big mystery, with the character barely appearing in the film's promo material. The only glimpses fans have gotten has been a few group shots, as well as a dream sequence of Clark Kent in the final Justice League trailer. This led some to speculate if the hero would even appear in the film, but the cast has since counteracted those claims.

"We can't say much,” Gadot said earlier this year. "But if you're a big fan of Superman you're going to love Justice League."

Justice League debuts in theaters on November 17th.

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