Mister Miracle Origin Backup Coming to Director's Cut

When the sold-out Mister Miracle #1 comes back to the stands with its director's cut on February 14, it will bring with it a supplemental feature written by series writer Tom King and featuring art by Battlepug creator Mike Norton.

In the feature, King and Norton will set up the world of the New Gods, along with Mister Miracle and Big Barda's role in the cosmology.

"Lot of people ask where they can find a quick summary of what the New Gods are and how Mr. Miracle fits into all of it," King tweeted. "And there's not really one out there. So we made one! It'll be the in the Director's Cut Mister Miracle issue that comes out between 6 and 7."

The series, one of 2017's most critically-acclaimed, serves as a dark and thoughtful Rebirth take on the New Gods.

“I was fortunate enough to be in this place with The Vision; Vision got a lot of praise in the beginning. I remember every issue being more and more powerful: this plane is in the air, can we land it?” King recently told ComicBook.com. “Mister Miracle is a character who’s nothing but nervous, so I use that energy and put it into the art.”

King said that he had not pursued the New Gods as such, but that he had asked the publisher to give him characters that he could do something big and crazy with -- to "do something ambitious with these characters." He decided to go crazy with it, and felt that working with artist Mitch Gerads, it is like working with a net.

DC's Director's Cut issues are oversized one-shots that reprint popular and acclaimed comics, usually with supplemental material like pencil art or script pages.

Mister Miracle #1: Director's Cut hits the stores (and digital marketplace) on February 14.