'Arrow's David Ramsey Teases Upcoming 'The Flash' Appearance

John Diggle is coming to The Flash again -- which kind of makes us wonder whether they will finally address the issue of Barry and Iris never saying "I do" when Dig married the pair in "Crisis on Earth-X."

During a recent interview with EW, actor David Ramsey revealed that The Thinker will shapeshift into Diggle in an effort to penetrate the secure ARGUS facility where Team Flash is keeping Fallout in the wake of last night's episode.

“You get to see Diggle come in and tear through some ARGUS agents,” Ramsey said. “It’s always fun to go to Flash because Flash is all light.”

Ever since Arrow killed off their version of Amanda Waller in season 4, Diggle's wife Lyla Michaels has been running ARGUS. Until recently, they had not utilized that connection as much as you might think, but part of that may have been just actor availability for Audrey Marie Anderson, who plays Lyla.


"I think not being able to get Audrey was part of it," Ramsey told ComicBook.com when we recently asked why the organization had not joined the season earlier. "I think it was strategic in bringing in ARGUS in this specific time. ARGUS has always been kind of been working in the background even when we didn't know it, much like SHIELD is always around in the Marvel universe. So it wasn't by accident that it came by and leaked part of the scene. They'll be very involved in wrapping up to our finale and into season seven. We want to make some logical use of ARGUS and also the dynamic that his wife is the director of ARGUS What does that mean? What does that mean to the Team Arrow? How can we utilize her resources? What does that mean to the relationship? So there's a lot that has to kind of play out in season seven in terms of ARGUS and Diggle's involvement. Yes, it was planned from the very beginning. "

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Arrow, on which Ramsey is a regular, airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. following Supernatural.