Legends of Tomorrow Showrunner Teases "Multiple Children" in Season 5

DC's Legends of Tomorrow has put its team of heroes in some very interesting situations. They've had Zari (Tala Ashe) relive the same hour-long span of time over and over and over again, each time with everyone dying before the loop resets. It's seen the team turned into puppets. It's even seen the team come together to create a giant Beebo who then, more or less, hugged a demon to death. But while all of that is kind of wild, it seems like the complex situations aren't over yet for the Waverider crew. Next season may see a bunch of children somehow enter the mix.

In a recent report from TVLine, showrunner Phil Klemmer was asked if Season 5 might see the team dealing with pregnancy or babies and while he said that wasn't in the cards, he did note that children are.

"No -- although we're planning on many, many, multiple children in Season 5," Klemmer said. And when asked if he was joking? "Not a joke. Totally for real."

Now, we're gonna be honest here: we have no idea how multiple children could somehow be part of Season 5 and that's kind of the joy of this tease. Legends is infamous for doing unexpected, completely insane, and yet totally fitting and hilarious things as the team tries to keep the timeline from being totally messed up. They also do some daring things in order to save their own and that was the case in Season 4. Not only did Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Nora (Courtney Ford) go to Hell to save Ray (Brandon Routh), but Zari sacrificed herself in order to save Nate (Nick Zano), a move that saw her role on the team replaced with that of her brother because in the new timeline, Zari's dystopian future never happened giving her a totally different life.


It's possible that this changing of the dystopian future is somehow connected to these multiple children somehow being part of the story next season. It's also possible they could be connected to the magical creatures the team dealt with in Season 4, Nate's Heywood theme park, or honestly anything. After all, this is the series that turned a riff off of Tickle Me Elmo into a Norse deity and even had a cast member dress up as Beebo to show up at San Diego Comic-Con last year. Anything is possible.

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