Krypton: Adam Strange Gets His Comic-Accurate Costume in Season 2 Finale

Krypton's Season 2 finale delivered quite a lot of surprises for DC Comics fans -- including one that has been in the works for quite some time. In between Krypton's otherworldly conflicts and a slew of new surprises, the SYFY series delivered on a very specific promise: that Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) would get his jetpack.

Spoilers for the Season 2 finale of Krypton , "The Alpha and the Omega", below!

While promotional photos for the episode did reveal that the jetpack was on the way, it's safe to say that the costume takes on a whole other context within the episode. In the midst of the resistance's fight against Dru-Zod (Colin Salmon), Adam dealt with being severely injured in the previous episode's altercation on Wegthor, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Adam tried to get Val-El (Ian McElhinney) to help get him back on his feet so he could fight. Val eventually helped make him a suit of leg braces -- complete with a jetpack.

During a very lively post-war celebration, Adam showed off his jetpack to Seg (Cameron Cuffe), joking that it meant he could now fly. He proceeded to (drunkenly) show off the jetpack -- and immediately crash into the ceiling.

Seeing as the jetpack is pretty heavily associated with Adam's whole ensemble, fans - and Sipos - have been looking forward to it appearing on Krypton for quite some time.

"I didn't really know a whole lot about Adam Strange, as a kid," Sipos admitted at the start of the series. "I knew he existed, but I was more into, I was just more Superman and Batman. But, when I got this, DC sent me a whole whack of comics and then I just went through all of them. And it's, and he's quite an amazing character."


"It's really f---ing cool too," Sipos told reporters. "Did you guys watch The Rocketeer? Adam Strange has a jet pack at a point. We haven't got to that yet. This is earlier on, but that thought sort of is something that I geek out over, the idea of it. I think every kid, or every person, wants to fly. So, I'm really looking forward to that."

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