Will Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Move Because of Coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic has quickly taken its toll on the entertainment industry, as self-quarantine and social distancing is keeping people at home and away from movie theaters. Productions have been delayed, new movies have shifted from theaters to digital on-demand platforms, and studios have moved their biggest films off of the upcoming slate entirely. Black Widow, Fast & Furious 9, and No Time to Die have all been postponed in the wake of the crisis. Could Wonder Woman 1984 be next on the list?

Right now, the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman sequel is set to hit theaters on June 5th, about one month after Black Widow was going to bow. There's no official word on just how long the self-quarantining and social distancing will last, so Warner Bros. likely doesn't have much of an idea as to when people will be heading out theaters again. However, with all of the major films over the next month or two getting delayed, it seems like Wonder Woman could be on the move at some point.

If word comes out soon that theaters won't be up and running at full strength for another couple of months, Warner Bros. will probably make the decision to delay Wonder Woman 1984. However, if this stage of playing things by ear continues for a while, it's not likely any decision will be made until the release is closer.


There's always a chance that Wonder Woman 1984 could be sitting in a prime slot at the beginning of June. If things start to get under control over the next month, Patty Jenkins' next DC film could be the first real blockbuster of the year, and fans everywhere will likely be itching to get out of the house and to a movie theater. Perfect timing could even see Wonder Woman get a boost from the post-quarantine excitement.

There's no real way to know at this point whether or not Wonder Woman 1984 will get delayed. However, at the rate things are going right now, don't be surprised if you hear it's been pushed.

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