'Justice League's Ray Fisher Reveals How Cyborg Would React To Aquaman In Atlantis

Cyborg won't be joining Arthur Curry's Atlantis adventures in Aquaman but, in the interconnected [...]

Cyborg won't be joining Arthur Curry's Atlantis adventures in Aquaman but, in the interconnected big screen DC universe, such a journey can't be ruled out.

After Cyborg and Aquaman became pals in Justice League, they're spending some time apart as Aquaman heads to his home of Atlantis to prevent his half-brother from bringing a terrifying war to land. While Cyborg's trip to Atlantis will have to be left up to the imagination for now, Ray Fisher used just that to envision what his DC hero's trip to the underwater kingdom might be like.

"Cyborg would probably just want to hang out, get a little time away from the city," Fisher told Comicbook.com at the Aquaman premiere. "Gotham can get a little dark a dreary. Get away and see the sea horses and all the fish down there. I don't think he'd wanna fight. I don't think it wouldn't be a knock down. I think what would happen was if Aquaman would've called Cyborg up, see Aquaman doesn't have a cell phone, he would've called Cyborg up, Cyborg would've comed down and helped him out with the situation in Atlantis. You don't get any reception that far down in the depths."

Of course, Fisher was still quite excited to see Aquaman bring Atlantis to life from his seat in the movie theater. "The legend of Atlantis, in and of itself, is the thing really that I'm ready to see represented on screen," Fisher said. "We haven't seen an underwater world yet, not in this way."

As for whether or not Fisher's Cyborg movie will get moving any time soon or his character will appear in other DC heroes' films is unknown for now. Warner Bros. did have plans to give Fisher his own standalone film but the behind-the-scenes development of the DC movie universe continues to change as time goes on. Most recently, rumors have claimed that Cyborg would appear in the Flash movie, however the rumors are just that and remain unconfirmed.

Still, Fisher has not stopped himself from sharing what he would like to see from a Cyborg expansion to the DC Exended Universe.

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21, 2018.