'Aquaman' Director Comments On The Trench Movie Rumors

It looks as if Aquaman is getting a Trench focused spin-off, and Aquaman director James Wan [...]

It looks as if Aquaman is getting a Trench focused spin-off, and Aquaman director James Wan couldn't be happier about it.

A recent report stated that Wan and Peter Safran are working on a new spin-off film involving The Trench, the frightening creatures that Aquaman and Mera encountered later in the film. The sequence is easily one of the most talked about pieces from the film, so it makes sense that Wan, a director known for his takes on the horror genre, would like to explore them more. Wan took to social media to explain when he got the bug for The Trench.

"During the early stages of preproduction, I fell in love with the Trench and its designs... and secretly hoped to explore this world further/more. (Now, I'm not confirming or denying this project ;)"

The script is being written by Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald, though no word yet on what the spin-off will focus on. Will it be an origin tale of how The Trench was created, or perhaps something more in line with a family who encounters the Trench for the first time? It could also lean towards the comics and put someone in control of the Trench that sends them attacking the surface world, creating a ripe situation for Wan's horror and tension-filled expertise.

The studio seems completely in for more Aquaman goodness, as the main film has surpassed $1 billion worldwide. While nothing is official, they might even get Wan back for an Aquaman sequel, provided the script is worth it, though there are also conflicting reports that say Aquaman 2 is not in development at the moment. It's hard to pass on another $1 billion film if you're WB and DC though, so if Wan will return we'll say odds are good we'll get a sequel somewhere down the line.

As for The Trench, they first surfaced during the New 52 era of DC, created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis during their run on Aquaman. They are one of the lost kingdoms of Atlantis, though when their kingdom feel it fell in a deep trench in the Atlantic Ocean, hence their name. They are known for their razor-sharp claws and teeth, and look more like aliens than typical Atlanteans, though they are also far deadlier than your normal Atlantean as well.

Wan knocked their sequence out of the park in Aquaman, and we can't wait to see what he does with them in their own film.


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