'Aquaman' Fan Theory Argues Arthur Is Actually a Tyrant

In DC Comics' latest film Aquaman, fans finally get to see Arthur Curry in his first solo adventure on the big screen as he attempts to save Atlantis. But what if the superhero is doing more harm than good?

One fan looked at the film's plot closely, and they may have determined that Aquaman is worse for Atlantis than his brother Orm.

Warning: Spoilers for Aquaman below.

For the most part, Aquaman is a fairly standard hero's journey, as Arthur Curry overcomes adversity to triumph over the forces of his brother. But this Reddit user looks at the film's final act and finds that Aquaman begins acting like a tyrant by the film's end. Take a look:

[DCEU] Aquaman is a tyrant from r/FanTheories

It remains to be seen what the ramifications of Aquaman's actions will be and whether or not the inevitable sequel will explore the socio-political issues he has wrought. But the groundwork is there, as director James Wan wanted a project that would allow him to build an entire world.

"It was very important for me early on to be allowed to make my own film and to have my own voice be in there," Wan previously told ComicBook.com. "After Furious 7 and Conjuring 2, I didn't want to be a director for hire. After Furious 7, that's kind of who I was to some degree, but after that, I don't want to be that guy again. So, it was very important for me to be able to bring my own stamp, my own visual aesthetic, create the characters."

Even though Jason Momoa appeared as Arthur Curry in Aquaman, the kingdom of Atlantis was largely untapped for Wan to flesh out on the screen.


"Even though Jason [Momoa] has somewhat been established Justice League, I wanted to bring his character into this, basically, fresh in a lot of ways," Wan said. "So it was important for me to obviously pay a respect to where he was left off in [Justice League], but then allow me the freedom to take him to where I want to take him at the end of the movie. My hero goes on this hero's journey to become someone very different than where he started. That was something that was very important for me. But the movie I want to make, that I was allowed that freedom to do that."

Aquaman is now playing in theaters everywhere.