Armie Hammer Stole a 'Justice League: Mortal' Script

Armie Hammer was once going to be Batman. He was to star in Justice League: Mortal, directed by [...]

Armie Hammer was once going to be Batman. He was to star in Justice League: Mortal, directed by Mad Max's George Miller.

The movie fell apart, but Hammer took a souvenir with him. Hammer says he was able to sneak out a copy of the script when the studio collected related materials.

"Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, they built a whole functioning suit that had hydraulics and worked and had microphones all through the suit so I could hear everything happening around me," Hammer said of his experience. "100 percent function because we had $300 million to do it, kinda like the budget we had on the movie

"But yeah it was amazing we were down in Australia for like a month or two months doing shoots, doing rehearsals in the suits, all the characters in their suits, and then we get a call one day from the producers saying we need everyone to come in and bring all of your materials, bring your scripts, bring your notes, bring everything, and we were like 'ok, ok' and we show up. They had big bins and they were like 'Put it all in here' and I was like 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure.' I quickly snuck a CD out of my computer put it in my back pocket turned it all in and I managed to basically steal a script but other than that I had nothing to show for it. I'm sure there's pictures floating around somewhere with all of us in our costumes but yeah you know the tax budget all kinda went away in Australia and then the government had a huge reform and they sent us home."

Hammer has spoken about Justice League: Mortal before, describing a fight between Superman and Wonder Woman.

"Superman and Wonder Woman have or had the most brutal fight with each other that you have ever seen," Hammer said. "And I mean it would be like when two superheroes actually fight. Like, They destroy multiple cities like by accident 'cause they're just like, they don't even see anything else other than like trying to destroy the other person in front of them and it was incredible. At one point they destroy an aircraft carrier by accident and then also the death count was going to be extremely high."

Unfortunately, that's a fight scene fans will never get to see.