Stephen Amell's Dream Crossover Is 'Arrow' and 'Lost'

If Stephen Amell had a fantasty crossover event for Arrow, his Oliver Queen would head to the [...]

If Stephen Amell had a fantasty crossover event for Arrow, his Oliver Queen would head to the island from ABC's LOST.

The actor, who has been played the DC Comics hero of Green Arrow on the CW for seven seasons now, played host to thousands of fans at a panel during Heroes & Villains FanFest in London over America's Memorial Day Weekend. It was there that a fan asked him what show, whether it is on air still or finished, would he most like to cross over with. The answer was easy for him.

"LOST!" Amell shouted out. "I wanna show up on the island. I just wanna show up and I just wanna have a four minute scene with Michael Emerson's character and then I want Jack to come in and be like, 'We've gotta go back!' And then I wanna leave forever."

Clearly, Amell was either a fan of the popular ABC show or he got a lesson in it from sharing his Arrow set with LOST alum Michael Emerson. On Arrow, Emerson stood out as the villainous Cayden James, whereas on LOST he is remembered for portraying the manipulative Ben Linus.

"I already have the scene in my head where it's the fog, and the fog comes over the island, and everybody's afraid of the fog monsters, and then it's just Stephen in there," Amell's panel's host chimed in. "We thought it was a polar bear. It was Stephen Amell!"

Of course, Amell's Oliver Queen is no stranger to mysterious islands. The character's origin story involved washing up on Lian Yu and learning how to become the talented archer vigilante he is now. Heading over to the island where Oceanic Flight 815 landed after falling from the sky would just be a walk in the park for the DC character.

As for crossovers that will actually happen, the next time Arrow runs into other CW shows, Batwoman will be there and Amell couldn't be more excited about (although he's not sharing any actual details about it, just yet).

Arrow will return this fall, with new episodes following Legends of Tomorrow.