Arrow Season 5 Production Art Teases Black Canary Memorial

If there's one thing that every superhero gets when they die (besides an eventual resurrection), [...]


If there's one thing that every superhero gets when they die (besides an eventual resurrection), it's a monument.

The Justice League at one point had their own graveyard with a statuary. Superman had a famous statue, complete with an eternal flame, that remained in place until long after the Man of Steel was back from the dead.

And now, Arrow's Black Canary will apparently join those ranks, with Laurel Lance's likeness apparently being made into a memorial that will stand in Star City.

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim shared a piece of production art that shows the monument -- and while it indicates there were a number of possible designs, we're guessing this is likely the one that was chosen, since it's the one that got shared:

I guess it's handy when your ex-boyfriend/partner-in-crimefighting is the mayor now.

In the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and Dinah Lance (Black Canary) were one of DC Comics's designated couples. The pair eventually married and headlined a comic together. The New 52 reboot in 2011 wrote them apart, as it separated so many long-established relationships in the DC Universe, but DC Universe: Rebirth and its spinoffs undid all that, and while they're not married with a long history, Oliver and Dinah are both working and sleeping together in the current Green Arrow series.

In the TV series, they were a couple before Oliver was stranded on the island, and flirted briefly with the idea of reunion before Oliver dated Laurel's sister Sara -- the original Canary and the inspiration for Laurel to take on crimefighting. Once Oliver moved on to Felicity Smoak, Laurel's role was less to be a part of Oliver's personal life and more to be a part of Team Arrow, until her death at the hands of Damien Darhk late in Season Four.

Laurel was outed as the Black Canary during her funeral, as part of a storyline that also saw Madison McLaughlin joins the cast. While she was dressed as Black Canary in that first appearance, it was revealed yesterday that McLaughlin will come back for Season Five as Artemis.