'Arrow': Felicity's Startup Finds Its Name and Purpose

arrow felicity helix startup
(Photo: The CW)

Felicity and Curtis decided to create their own tech startup this season on Arrow, but they've had some challenges coming up with a name and a purpose for their business. Until tonight, that is.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Arrow, "Reversal", below.

Tonight's episode saw Felicity's work with Helix last season come back to haunt her when Alena showed up in her apartment seeking her help. It turns out that Cayden James, the hacker Felicity helped break out of ARGUS custody last season, is up to something that could potentially kill four percent of the world's population. It's something that even Alena can't stand by and allow to happen, so she enlists Felicity to help her stop him.

It turns out that Cayden James is working with Black Siren and his master evil plan involves taking down the internet, which would include far more than just crippling social media and entertainment. As Felicity explains to Team Arrow, the internet runs the world and taking it down would interfere with critical systems around the world and would lead to a large loss of life. That means he has to be stopped and, for Felicity, it's a chance to right her past wrongs. Unfortunately, in the process Alena ends up gravely injured leaving Felicity to take on James' evil plot alone.

With Oliver on comms and the rest of the team watching her back, Felicity is able to stop James from taking down the internet. She goes to the hospital to tell Alena the good news, but Felicity still isn't sure what she and Curtis should do with their startup. Fortunately, Alena suggests that Felicity do the thing that got her booted from Palmer Technologies -- pursue the affordable mass production of the device in her spine that is reversing her paralysis. Alena also lets Felicity take use of the Helix name, though Felicity tweaks it just a little to Helix Dynamics.

While the idea of Felicity and Curtis working to change the world by giving the paralyzed back the ability to walk sounds like a perfectly fitting pursuit for the genius pair, fans will no doubt be a little disappointed that the startup won't be named Smoak Technologies. Smoak Technologies was the name of Felicity's company in the "Star City 2046" episode of Legends of Tomorrow's first season and while that version of reality wasn't exactly a pleasant one, with Diggle taking up the Green Arrow mantle, it was one fans thought might be being teased at.

Instead, it looks like Felicity and Curtis are going to be redeeming the Helix name, and giving people hope to walk again as well.


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