Arrow Star Stephen Amell Calls Out Facebook for Limiting His Page, Preventing Charitable Donations

When it comes to social media Arrow star Stephen Amell is very active, frequently posting and interacting with fans on both Twitter and Facebook. He's also used his Facebook page as a platform to help raise considerable funds for charities, specifically F--- Cancer, a group that he became involved with after his mother's own battle with cancer. Now, though, Amell is calling out the social media giant for limiting his page's reach and, thus, preventing him from raising even more money for good causes.

In a post to his Facebook page on Monday, Amell wrote that back in 2014 Facebook brought him to their headquarters to talk about how he built his page, but now they were limiting his ability to connect with the people who helped build his page -- and in turn, keeping him from raising money, too.

"Facebook flew me to their HQ in 2014 -- paid for it and everything!!! -- to ask me how I built my page," Amell wrote. "Now they limit my ability to reach the people that helped me do it. They are standing in the way of me raising millions of dollars for charity. F*** you Facebook."

In the comments on the post, fans have chimed in noting that they haven't seen that many posts from him in recent weeks and months, supporting the lack of reach complaint and certainly, Amell wouldn't be the first person or page to complain that they are having reach issues. It's a fairly common complaint that pops up from time to time. That said, though, several fans commenting on Amell's post have questioned if the page has been hacked, citing some irregularities in how the post is structured as well as the unusual change to the page's "About" section and the lack of profile picture.

Others noted that they weren't sure Amell had been hacked but did seem a bit out of place since Amell has been promoting his film, Code 8, on social media and elsewhere most recently as opened in theaters and became available on On Demand last week. It is worth noting that Amell's most recent post prior to the one in question was to share news of the Code 8 spinoff series coming to Quibi. That announcement came last week, noting that Amell, along with his cousin Robbie Amell, would be returning to star in the series that would be directed by Jeff Chan and written by Chan with Chris Pare, both of whom were part of the Code 8 film.


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