Arrow EP Teases Nostalgia in Final Season Premiere

Arrow Season 8 is almost here, and that means that the end is drawing ever closer. Series [...]

Arrow Season 8 is almost here, and that means that the end is drawing ever closer. Series showrunner Beth Schwartz recently said that fans should expect a rush of nostalgia when the season premiere rolls around. In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, she talked about bringing things back to where they all started in preparing for the end, and how the episode should be a treat for fans of the early seasons.

Schwartz said in the interview, "This season is definitely a reflection of all the previous seasons. The premiere is very nostalgic of the pilot and of season one, visiting those sets, like Queen mansion, that we all love and we all have [people] we've tried to bring back a few times -- those characters that were really there from the very beginning and helped to create this series and what made it so successful."

Nothing will get those feels flowing like seeing those old sets from the pilot and earlier seasons again while thinking about how this will be the last re-introduction of the series. The familiarity has become a strength for Arrow as the seasons have passed. That continuity is one of the show's strengths now, and the crew is taking full advantage of that close relationship with the audience.

Moira and Tommy are both supposed to make appearances in that final season, and that will prove emotional for long-time fans as well. Other series favorites will get the chance for a proper curtain call as well. Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), Tatsu Yamashiro (Rila Fukushima), and Yao Fei Gulong (Byron Mann) will all get their moment in the sun here in the final season.

"It felt nostalgic and kind of perfect for the end of the series to have these final scenes with these characters we haven't seen in a while. It felt right that this is how we should end the season and it was fun to write for Moira again and to write for Tommy and all the characters we wrote for eight years ago. It felt natural," Schwartz added.

Some of these character's final stands still stick in the minds of the audience as intense moments of redemption. Arrow's final season gives the crew and these actors the chance to have their cake and eat it too. It doesn't sound like these nods will invalidate sacrifices, but fans still get to see the show "play the hits."

Arrow star Stephen Amell recently gave fans a tease of The CW series' Season 8 premiere in a social media post as well. The Oliver Queen actor has fans on edge because of all the cryptic quotes from episodes. Emotions are looking like a central pillar of the season, and rightfully so after the long run. That hashtag, "#ACrisisIsComing", will probably continue to pop up until the premiere airs. Whatever fans think they expect, there's a great chance that they're not prepared for whatever is coming next.

Season eight of Arrow will premiere on October 15, 2019. Are you excited about "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and the final season of Arrow? Let us know in the comments below.