Arrow's Dying Declaration Won't Be Revealed Until Season Five


Warning: Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Arrow, titled "Eleven-Fifty-Nine."

On tonight's episode of Arrow, a dying character asked Oliver for one last favor -- and then the camera cut away and fans never got to hear what it was.

There had been some speculation that Laurel had asked Oliver to help her fake her death, but executive producer Marc Guggenheim has said that's not the case. So...just what did she say to him?

You can find out next season.

"You'll know in season five," Guggenheim said cryptically when asked about those mysterious last words during a screening of this week's episode on Monday.

Until then, we're guessing it's about taking care of her family, should anything ever happen to her. That is, after all, what Taiana and Oliver agreed to in the island flashbacks just moments before Laurel's "promise me" moment...!

Arrow heads into a brief hiatus after tonight's shocker, and will be back with a new episode in a few weeks. The series airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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