Arrowverse Crossover Talks For Next Season Have Already Begun

Even though we're still weeks away from the Arrowverse shows wrapping up their current seasons, fans have long been speculating how the crossover between the four shows on The CW is going to shake out next year.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Marc Guggenheim — the showrunner behind Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, and one of the primary architects behind the Arrowverse — admitted they've already start hatching out plans for next year's crossover.

"Yes, we actually have started talking about it. We've had our earliest meetings," Guggenheim revealed. "We've never met with the studio as earlier as we have this year. We're trying to get out in front of it as humanly possible. We have a germ of an idea, kind of know what the shape of it is going to be."

Guggenheim went on to say that writing for the crossover typically happens either in August or September, so he's glad that the crew has been able to get out ahead of it as far as five months in advance.

"There's still a whole lot of work left to do, but given the fact that the writing of the crossover usually happens in late August or September, we're so far ahead of the game," said Guggenheim.

What started with just Arrow in 2012, the Arrowverse has grown into one of the biggest shared universes on television made up of four different shows and several animated cartoons.

Numerous small crossovers have happened for quite some time like Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) originally appearing in Arrow before getting his own show or The Flash and Green Arrow helping out the squad on Legends of Tomorrow.

It wasn't until the 2016-2017 television season that the crossovers truly became massive when The CW decided to make it an annual week-long event. The first big crossover featured the Arrowverse characters fending off an alien invasion in the "Invasion!" crossover.

This year's crossover consisted of the heroes battling Nazi alter egos of themselves in "Crisis on Earth-X."


Legends of Tomorrow finished its third season this past Monday while The Flash and Arrow will finish their fourth and sixth seasons, respectively, in May. Supergirl is tabbed for a mid-June finale date.

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