Karen Gillan is Game to Direct and Star in Batgirl Movie

The latest edition of celebrities being put on the spot about playing a super hero has been taken one step further with Karen Gillan also being asked which super hero she would like to direct. It does not look like Gillan, the actress known to Marvel fans for her portrayal of Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Endgame, is pushing to get herself cast as DC's Batgirl but when she was asked which other super hero she would like to play this was her answer: "Batgirl would be pretty cool! Yeah, she's a redhead!" Don't get too excited, just yet, as this is just Gillan having fun and answering a question in an interview.

The follow-up question was which super hero she would like to direct. "Batgirl would be cool for that, as well," Gillan said in an interview with Omelete. "My favorite film in that world, my favorite one is Dark Knight. I just love the way that one is directed so much. So, I would just love to work in that world, as a director. Come on, DC. Look over this way!"

Whether or not Gillan's conversation with Omelete is an indication of anything she has coming in the future is unclear. She was promoting Jumanji: The Next Level at the time of the conversation, a film in which she plays an action-star avatar in a video game embodied by different characters from the movie's real world.

As for her work in Marvel, Gillan calls it "amazing." She went on to tease what might be coming for her character the next time she appears in the Marverl Cinematic Universe. "Nebula's a very twisted and bitter sort of girl who's been treated very badly by her father Thanos," Gillans said. "Now, Thanos is dead. Spoilers, if you haven't seen Endgame, I'm sorry. The source of her abuse has been eliminated so it will be interesting to see how she gets on with her life now that he's not around. Now, she can have a relationship with her sister." Gillan will likely next reprise the role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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Gillan's Jumanji: The Next Level is now playing in theaters.