'Birds of Prey' Rumored to Not Include Batgirl in Costume

While we don't know much about Birds of Prey, the upcoming DC team-up movie featuring Margot [...]

While we don't know much about Birds of Prey, the upcoming DC team-up movie featuring Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, it sounds as though we can at least cross one popular rumor off of the list.

Despite rumblings that Batgirl would be featured in the film opposite Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy, that doesn't appear to be true, according to known Hollywood insider Umberto Gonzalez.

Over the weekend, Batman-News.com sent out a tweet featuring an article about Birds of Prey potentially being R-rated, along with a couple of "interesting facts" regarding what Robbie said about the film. "1) Fans fell in love with Harley in a PG-13 movie, some will be left out now," the tweet read. "2) Batgirl has the potential to inspire young girls just like Wonder Woman. Why put her in a R-rated movie?"

This is where Gonzalez jumped in to clear things up. He responded to the tweet with a message of his own, saying that Batgirl wasn't actually going to be in the movie.

"Well, that is quite easy to answer because BATGIRL is NOT in BIRDS OF PREY," wrote Gonzalez.

This threw some folks off, considering the rumors about Batgirl's appearance had been swirling around for some time, and came from reputable sources. Batman-News said that this would be "big news if true," noting that "Variety said" Batgirl would be in the film.

Again, Gonzalez presented a defense.

"They didn't say that on the record, rather [Variety reporter] Justin [Kroll] tweeted," Gonzalez replied. "Was decided recently no Batgirl. Attention to detail, I didn't say Barbara Gordon, I said Batgirl."

Ah, there is the kicker. Gonzalez is saying that the potential for Barbara to show up in Birds of Prey still exists, but she won't be donning the Batgirl suit. This could mean that the character might be appearing as The Oracle, her other alter ego, or she could simply be Barbara Gordon, no extra names or costumes.

Do you think Barbara will actually show up in Birds of Prey? How long will it be until Batgirl actually shows up in the live-action DC films? Let us know your best predictions and theories in the comments below!