Batman Day Stop Motion Shorts Released By DC Collectibles

To celebrate DC Entertainment's annual Batman Day, which began three years ago to honor The Dark Knight's 75th anniversary, DC Collectibles has put out several stop-motion shorts created with their action figures and, of course, featuring the Caped Crusader.

In the 20-second long "Plan Your Party" short, Batman, who is wearing his armored mech-suit from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, enter an unlit room, and when he turns on the lightswitch, it is revealed that Wonder Woman, Clayface, Robin, Superman, Green Arrow, and Catwoman all gathered and quietly hid in the room for a Batman Day suprise party.

In the "Set Your Alert" short, Batgirl is standing next to her motorcyle and watching a police car with its lights on zip by her when she gets a Batman Day reminder on her cellphone.

In the "Spread the Word" short, Batman is flying around Gotham in his Batwing, with an assit from a child's hand, and a banner appears at the end with Batman Day information written on it.

Now that Batman Day is almost over, let me ask: How did you spend Batman Day? Did you partake in any of the numerous festivities that took place at thousands of comic book retailers, bookstores, schools and libraries across the country?