Here's What Jake Gyllenhaal Could Look Like As Batman

With rumors of Ben Affleck's potential departure from the DC movie universe, more chatter has [...]

With rumors of Ben Affleck's potential departure from the DC movie universe, more chatter has picked up about the actor being replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal in future Batman movies.

Now artist Boss Logic has rendered what Gyllenhaal would look like as Bruce Wayne, though you'll have to use your own imagination if you want to see him under the cowl. Take a look below.

The Gyllenhaal talk started popping up after John Campea revealed The Batman director Matt Reeves had the actor in mind to replace Affleck. Though the rumor has yet to be corroborated, Campea also stated that Affleck has basically been done with the role "since February."

Affleck has remained mum on his future as Batman, but that has only served to fuel speculation about his departure and replacement. The actor seemed excited about working on a movie with Reeves during Warner Bros.'s Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con.

"Batman is the coolest f*cking part in any universe – DC, Marvel – it's incredible, and I'm so thrilled to do it," Affleck said during the panel. "I know there's this misconception that because I didn't direct it I wasn't enthusiastic about it; it's f*cking amazing... and with Matt Reeves doing it, it's like I'd be a f*cking ape on the ground for Matt Reeves – nevermind being Batman! It's incredible! So I'm really blown away and excited and it's a great time in the DC Universe. You're going to see some stuff from Justice League that we're really really proud of, and I'll think you'll see why I'm really excited to be Batman."

But recent comments make it seem like he's heading for the door, as an exit from the role was referred to as "something I'm contemplating."

"You don't do it forever, so I want to find a graceful and cool way to segue out of it," Affleck said.

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Batman can currently seen in Justice League, now playing in theaters.