Kevin Smith Hopes The Joe Chill Batman Theory Is True

Matt Reeves’ Batman reveal still has a death grip on fans right now. Kevin Smith posted his reaction to the new suit, but now he’s commenting on one of the popular fan theories about The Batman floating around as well. Many people think the new Bat Insignia is fashioned from Joe Chill’s gun. That’s significant because it would mean that Batman is taking the instrument of his parents' death and molding his identity around it in a literal sense. Fans seem to think the idea holds some weight. Smith also thinks it could be a good idea and is now pulling for the theory to be proven correct so that the narrative has that one extra turn in it.

He wrote on Twitter, “As the author of a certain @JimLee story in #Detective1000, I pray to SMod this is true…” Along with the Tweet, he attached a picture from the story in question that shows Bruce Wayne forging that gun into a metal plate that shields his chest area. Batman hides that plate directly under the insignia where people would be most drawn to it. There’s a ton of psychology and takes from writers over the years that the yellow logo serves a purpose. First. it is a striking detail that is unmistakable. Second, it acts as a natural target that take advantage of the tendency to aim for the heart.’s Spencer Perry broke down this exact panel from the issue in detail. Here’s how he described the scene from Detective Comics #1000.

“There is precedent for Batman using the weapons that killed his parents in his costume though. The story "Manufacture for Use" in Detective Comics #1000 by Kevin Smith and Jim Lee told the tale of Bruce Wayne wearing a disguise and buying the gun used by Joe Chill at a seedy pawn shop in Gotham. He then melted down the gun into an armor plate that he wears underneath the insignia of his costume delivering a heartbreaking monologue about it.”


At any rate, it will be a while before fans get this one confirmed. But, Smith is absolutely excited at the prospect and a bunch of people are already right there with him.

The Batman is currently scheduled to forge its way into theaters June 25, 2021.