New Batman Villain Design Released

Batman's newest foe will make his debut in Batman #90. Since taking over the series, writer James [...]

Batman's newest foe will make his debut in Batman #90. Since taking over the series, writer James Tynion IV has been unraveling the mystery of job gone wrong in Gotham City years ago. The job involved Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, Joker, and a mysterious rogue called the Designer. This job has come back to haunt those villains in the years since, suggesting that the Designer is back. A new preview of Batman #90 offers our first look at what the Designer looks like. You can take a look at the page, drawn by artist Jorge Jimenez, below.

(Photo: Jorge Jimenez/DC Comics)

The Designer's doings led to a surprising reveal in today's issue of Batman. Catwoman has kept her involvement in the Designer job a secret from Batman. While Batman interrogates the Penguin, Catwoman slips away and contacts the Riddler. He offers a question as a clue, asking if Catwoman knows where the Joker has been lately. The question leads her to a surprising revelation.

Tynion took over as the writer on Batman with Batman #86, though he's had plenty of experience writing the character before. "I loved writing stories for [Batman] Eternal, Detective Comics, and even Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but my desire to tell a Batman story, one focusing solely on Bruce Wayne instead of an ensemble, is what drove me back to the Batcave," Tynion said in a statement. "I want to dig deep into the Bat himself and tell an epic story that pushes him to his absolute limits. I want to tell a Batman story like the kinds I grew up loving, one that embraces the horror and gothic elegance of Gotham and dives deep into Batman's greatest villains."

Are you looking forward to the debut of the Designer? Do you think he'll become Batman's next great villain? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments section. Batman #90 goes on sale on March 4th.

Batman #90
(W) James Tynion IV (A/CA) Jorge Jimenez

The mysterious master criminal known only as the Designer once brought together Gotham City's greatest criminals to plot the perfect crime, and now his plan has been unleashed upon the city in all its might. Batman will go to any length to uncover the grand design, but Catwoman is the one who holds the greatest secret. If Batman wins against the Designer, he will lose everything.

In Shops: Mar 04, 2020
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