Batman V Superman: Constructing The Batcave Video Released

While there is a definite grit and darkness to Bruce Wayne's world in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, his headquarters is another story.

In the new Constructing the Batcave featurette, Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulos gives fans a look behind the scenes at the construction of Batman's home away from home, and it isn't as dark and dank as you'd think.


One of the immediately noticeable aspects of the cave is just how modern it looks, with glass panels and clear walkways everywhere. Previous versions have accentuated the cave like aspects, but for BVS they took a different approach.

"It's very urban" described Tatopoulos. "Although you're in a crazy cave, you never feel claustrophobic in here."

That feeling is also helped by the way the items in the cave are constructed, with Tatopoulos adding "If you look at the set, every structure is actually floating. There is a very low footprint on the cave. It's maybe hanging but there is no big pillar that seems to be floating in the air." The only thing that is actually on the ground is Batman's chair.


During the Batcave scenes, Affleck actually got to work with some non green screen tech, as all the computers and screens in the cave were controlled from a central hub, allowing the actors to react to real imagery.

Constructing the Batcave is just one of many new features that will be available on the physical DVD and Blu-ray release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition. You can view it digitally as of today.