Hidden Robin Easter Egg In 'Batman v. Superman' Confirmed By Zack Snyder

When Zack Snyder finally brought the World's Finest together on screen for the first time, he introduced many easter eggs and teases to the Dark Knight's sidekick Robin.

Now the director is shedding light on some of the references to the Boy Wonder in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Aside from the obvious display case of the deceased Robin's costume with Joker's taunting message, there's also another subtle callback to Bruce Wayne's sidekick.

In the scene where Ben Affleck's character is angrily exercising in preparation for his battle with the Man of Steel, the camera pulls back to show a rusted motorcycle. Snyder addressed this scene in response to fans who asked about its inclusion on an obscure social media platform, revealing that bike did indeed belong to the Boy Wonder.

"I like to think it was Robins… Bruce can't get rid of it," the director wrote.

Snyder has been more open about the finer details of his DC Films projects in recent weeks, including commenting on the poor CG attempts to remove Henry Cavill's beard in Justice League.

The director is obviously a major fan of the source material, including many different visual cues that harken back to his film's biggest influences. If only the characterizations were on point and the movies were more entertaining.

It's interesting that he's opening up about the movies now. Recent rumors suggested Snyder was actually fired in the middle of production on Justice League, rather than stepping away after his family suffered a devastating tragedy. He did not attend any of the junkets or red carpet events for the film, and his comments about the finished product seems to indicate that he'd like to distance himself from the reception of Justice League.

Perhaps he doesn't have any intention to followup on the many little threads that he left in his movies, understanding his time in the DC Comics universe has come to an end. It's a major shift for Snyder, who was previously regarded as the architect of the superhero franchise.

Fans tend to pick apart Snyder's films, and given how much influence he had on Suicide Squad, theories cropped up over Jared Leto's Joker possibly being Jason Todd.

Snyder has yet to reveal his thoughts on that aspect, but given how much he's been speaking about his films it seems like a matter of time before we get an answer.


Justice League is now available on Digital HD. The film will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13th.