Batman V Superman's Sad Affleck Has Made Sound of Silence A Hit Song Again


Maybe all the ailing record industry needs is more Ben Affleck. Specifically Affleck memes.

The Sad Affleck meme that has been making the rounds across the internet has also spurred sales of the Simon & Garfunkel's classic Sound of Silence. The meme stemmed from a spot on the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice press tour, where Affleck stared off into space after being asked about the negative reviews the movie was getting.

The thoughtful yet somewhat sorrowful expression on his face is priceless, but it wouldn't have as great of an effect if it weren't for Sound of Silence being played over it. The song entered the Billboard charts at No.6 after the meme took hold, proving that Sad Affleck is quite a powerful thing indeed.

via Billboard

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