Batwoman Cast And Crew Members Respond To Ruby Rose Allegations

The ongoing conflict between former Batwoman star Ruby Rose and Warner Bros. Television over the conditions of her departure from the series is expanding to include more members of the show's cast and crew, who are weighing in with their takes on the situation. Earlier this week, Rose posted on social media, accusing the show's producers of unsafe working conditions and saying that a number of people involved with the show, including Warner Bros. TV chief Peter Roth and actors Camrus Johnson and Dougray Scott participated in abusive behavior during her season on the CW superhero drama, and that she only left the series becuase she was told that if she remained in place, she would have to surrender her rights to sue over injuries sustained on set.

Later that day, Warner Bros. Television struck back, claiming that Rose was engaging in "revisionist history." According to Warner Bros., they declined to pick up the option on Rose's contract for season 2 as a result of complaints by the cast and crew about the star's onset behavior. And while fan opinion on social media seems pretty split, maybe leaning toward siding with Rose, so far the cast and crew who have come forward are pretty decidedly with Warner Bros.

"I absolutely and completely refute the defamatory and damaging claims made against me by [Ruby Rose]; they are entirely made up and never happened," Scott, who left the series after its second season, wrote in a statement to TVLine. "As Warner Bros. Television has stated, they decided not to exercise the option to engage Ruby for Season 2…based on multiple complaints about her workplace behaviour."

Johnson, who is still with the series, piled on with a tweet that thanked fans for supporting him, and added, "But yea fam, she was fired. And it is VERY hard to be fired when you're the lead. Imagine what u have to do for that [to] happen."

Given that Rose had singled those two out as part of her problem with Warner Bros., it's arguably not surprising that they had rebuttals ready that called her behavior into question. But she also suggested in her comments that the crew would back her, because she had gone out of her way to make the set safer and nobody except the stunt performers seemed to have any problem with her. 

One viral Reddit thread has picked up a number of people who say that they worked on various shows in Vancouver, including some of the collaborations between The CW and Batwoman production company Berlanti Productions. A number of them criticize the working conditions of various shows, suggesting that a lot of what Rose called attention to is unfortunately the norm in TV production and sharing anecdotes from everything from Smallville and Beauty and the Beast to The Flash and NCIS.

Over at Comic Book Resources, they caught up with a production assistant who said she couldn't stand working with Rose on Batwoman

"She stormed off set, she yelled at people, and whenever she interacted with any of us production assistants, we were disregarded as the trash we picked up," the report says, in part.

So far, Berlanti Productions and most of the current Batwoman cast have stayed out of the fray. The series airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.