Batwoman EP Shoots Down Possibility of Gotham Cameos

Although The CW's Arrowverse has been around for the last seven years or so, it wasn't until last fall that the popular DC TV franchise took fans to the dark streets of Gotham City. Fortunately for fans of the Bat-Family, there will be a lot more Gotham to go around this year, as the solo Batwoman series kicks off in October. Of course, since there has only been one Bat-centric show on the air for the past several years, everyone wants to know if Batwoman will somehow tie into it.

Even though Gotham aired on FOX for all of its five seasons, fans are wondering if some of the popular versions of the comic characters introduced in that show will make it over to Batwoman, since they do take place in the same fictional city. Could Cameron Monaghan play the Joker on Batwoman? Or Robin Lord Taylor return as Penguin?

Neither of those things are likely to happen. The question was posed to Batwoman executive producer Sarah Schechter at The CW's Television Critics Association presentation over the weekend and it was quickly shut down.

"No. We've already started employing some of those people in other jobs, so they're going to be fine. They're all very talented," Schechter said of the Gotham cast. "But I think we're going to explore other kind of canon villains. I think that out of respect for those actors who probably want to take the makeup off and do something different, I think, we'll just we want to go where people haven't been recently."

Gotham had itself a pretty good run, airing for a grand total of 100 episodes over the course of five seasons. Some characters from the show became instant favorites amongst fans, so it's understandable that folks are hoping to see them again. However, it seems as though the ship has sailed.

Batwoman is the new chief Gotham City series, and it's going to deliver its own version of the characters we've come to love.

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Additional reporting by Scott Huver.