Ben Affleck Comments On Punching The Punisher In The Accountant

With all the work that comes with starring in a film franchise as deep as the DC Universe, Ben Affleck has still found time for various film projects. His latest effort, The Accountant, is one of his most action-packed yet.

The Batman director and star sat down with and The Accountant director Gavin O'Connor while promoting the new film.

The two talk about what it was like to collaborate together, and how difficult it was to capture the essence of this film in the best way possible. When the conversation shifted toward the fighting sequences in the movie, the conversation got much more interesting.


Ben revealed that he didn't actually know much about martial arts, and wasn't very experienced when it came to hand-to-hand combat. That's a little surprising, seeing as how he has portrayed characters like Batman and Marvel's Daredevil. He mentioned that he needed a lot more training for the fights in this film, and they sequences were handled brilliantly.

At the end of the interview, Ashley Robinson asked Ben if he enjoyed getting the chance to punch The Punisher during the film.

She was referring to actor Jon Bernthal, who is widely recognized for his role as The Punisher on Marvel's Daredevil series. Since Ben Affleck is the current Batman for DC, it was a nice moment for the two companies to clash in another film.

Ben laughed, and said "it was very satisfying." He added that Jon has a pretty tough punch two, and that he wasn't to be messed with.


We may never get to see Batman and The Punisher go toe-to-toe in a film, but the clash between Affleck and Bernthal in The Accountant seems like a great replacement.