'Black Lightning': Christine Adams Introduces Lynn Pierce in New Video

Ahead of Black Lightning's debut on The CW Tuesday night, the network has released a new character [...]

Ahead of Black Lightning's debut on The CW Tuesday night, the network has released a new character introduction video with series star Christine Adams giving insights on her character, Lynn Pierce.

Black Lightning, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, follows Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) as a high school principal and family man comes out of retirement as the vigilante Black Lightning when the violent local gang, The One Hundred, endangers his family and community. In the series, Lynn is Jefferson's ex-wife and, as Adams explains in the video, while she understood why Black Lightning was needed, it was difficult for the family. You can check out the entire introduction in the video above.

With Jefferson's role as Black Lightning having played both a huge part in the end of their marriage as well as why he stepped away from heroics years before the show's story begins, when Black Lightning returns it's going to be challenging for Lynn -- and not just because her ex and father of her children is back on the street. As we saw recently, her daughter Anissa, played by Nafessa Williams, takes up her own costumed, superhero identity as the hero Thunder. It's something that Adams told ComicBook.com will be an "ongoing struggle" for her character.

And that struggle, as well as the other, more ordinary challenges of the Pierce family faces – especially as a family where the parents are no longer together -- is something that Adams explains in the video as what makes Black Lightning special.

"I think what's special about our show is that we have a superhero, but really it's about this family dynamic and how they navigate all the regular things a family would do with teenage daughters or if mom and dad were separated," Adams explained. "And, again, I think that is something that will really resonate with the audience because that feels really real and I think that's what they brought to it."

Black Lightning debuts on Tuesday, January 16 at 9/8c following the midseason premier of The Flash on The CW.