'Black Lightning' Recap With Spoilers: Freeland Goes Up in Flames in Season 2 Finale

Is Jennifer going to figure out how to use her powers in the Black Lightning Season Two finale? [...]

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Is Jennifer going to figure out how to use her powers in the Black Lightning Season Two finale? Here's what happened in tonight's episode of Black Lightning. As always, full spoilers for "The Omega" follow.

The episode ends with Jennifer continuing her power-focused seizure. Gambi's eventually able to get close enough to use special gloves to send her into the pocket dimension with PErenna, who convinces her to snap out of it. When she comes to, Gambi is knocked unconscious.

Jefferson arrives and helps get Gambi stabilized. Once he heads inside, he realizes that Tobias took all of the pod kids. He's nearly shot by Dr. Jace but Lynn arrives and fights her. Instead of sending Jace back to the ASA, where she'd likely be killed — the Pierces offer to turn her into Inspector Henderson in exchange for additional intel. After she leaves, Lynn begins working on the pod kids and Agent Odell arrives. As Henderson is taking Jace into the precinct, Freeland loses all power, presumably from the ensuing riots.

After a brief gunfight, Jace is taken from her cell by the time-traveling metahuman we previously saw in a bar. Before long, we see the Masters of Disaster trying to retrieve the pods from Tobias' facility, but Jefferson and Anissa arrive to fight them. The Masters are getting the upper hand when Lala arrives and shoots Heatstroke, changing the momentum of the fight.

Elsewhere, Gambi and Jennifer are able to get the generator back online after they found out it was frozen by Coldsnap. Tobias is growing concerned that his and Cutter's plans aren't working fast enough and the two fight, resulting in Cutter leaving him. Tobias begins to unfreeze the pods early, in hopes the chaos around town spreads faster than it currently is.

Lala arrives at Tobias' house to kill him, but the villain uses a spell to render the undead Lala unconscious. Thinking he's victorious, Tobias is surprised by Jennifer, who has now taught herself how to fly. She begins strangling him with her lightning powers. Before she's able to kill him, Jefferson busts in and stops her.

It's revealed that Agent Odell has three new pod kids, one of which is Khalil. Tobias is placed in federal custody and relocated to a facility called The Pit. Later that night, the Pierces are getting ready for dinner when Jefferson breaks down in tears, revealing that he's happy his family is all together and safe.

Agent Odell sneaks into their house and tells the Pierce family that the Markovians have Dr. Jace and the largest stockpile of pod metahumans on Earth. He warns them that Markovia is about to launch a war with Freeland serving as Ground Zero.

Other tidbits from the episode:

Black Lightning will return with a third season this Fall.