'Black Lightning' Season 2 Promotes Jordan Calloway to Series Regular

Jordan Calloway, who plays Khalil Payne on Black Lightning, will return for the show's second [...]

Jordan Calloway, who plays Khalil Payne on Black Lightning, will return for the show's second season as a series regular.

Calloway, whose Khalil fans got to know as an All-American track star with Olympic dreams only to have those dreams cut short when a stray bullet severed his spine, was a recurring guest on Black Lightning's first season. However, after taking up Black Lightning's (Cress Williams) archnemesis Tobias Whale (Marvin "Krondon" Jones III) on the offer of the ability to walk again in exchange for loyalty, Khalil made a major return by the season finale -- as the villain, Painkiller.

black lightning painkiller season 2
(Photo: DC Entertainment, The CW)

As Painkiller, Khalil's cybernetic enhancements give him metahuman strength and the ability to generate an anesthetic from his body which causes temporary paralysis in his targets when delivered through darts that he throws. These enhancements make him a living weapon for Whale, who is determined to kill Black Lightning. However, even though Khalil's been transformed into a villain he could be a complication for Black Lightning and the Pierce family on the whole. Before his life-changing injury, Khalil was Jennifer Pierce's (China Anne McClain) boyfriend and even with his enhancements he still pines for his old life, dreams, and love.

Fans first got to see Khalil in action as Painkiller during the first season finale where he, on Tobias' orders, showed up at Garfield High School in an attack designed to lure out Black Lightning. While that doesn't quite go as planned, he had better results in his second outing with his powers when he accompanies Tobias and Syonide (Charlbi Dean) on an attack on the ASA facility.

"I'm thrilled to have Jordan upped to a series regular," Black Lightning showrunner Salim Akil said in a statement. "He was a great asset to our show in the role of Khalil/Painkiller during season one, and now that he has evolved into Painkiller, I can't wait for you all to see him in season two."

Black Lightning will return for its second season on Tuesday, October 9 at 9/8c on The CW.