'Black Lightning' Cast Wants Crossovers With 'Supergirl' and 'The Flash'

The CW's latest DC superhero show, Black Lightning, debuts in just a few weeks and while we [...]

The CW's latest DC superhero show, Black Lightning, debuts in just a few weeks and while we already know that it takes place in its own universe, that doesn't mean the cast doesn't have a few ideas on who they'd like to have cross over to their show.

TV Guide recently asked the cast of Black Lightning which CW superhero they'd most enjoy having pop up on their show and while there was no shortage of heroes to choose from -- after all, The CW has Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow to choose from -- the choice came down to two pretty heavy-hitters: Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and The Flash (Grant Gustin.)

"If I could pick one character from the DC universe to come on the show, it would be Supergirl," Christine Adams, who plays Lynn Pierce, the ex-wife of Black Lightning's titular hero, said. "I'd love to see her in the show just because I think we are -- really, this show is about the girls. That's ultimately where we want to take it. We want young women to feel empowered, so it feels like Supergirl would be a really good fit. I'd love to see the three of them together, kicking some butt."

The girls that Adams is referring to Jennifer (China Anne McClain) and Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams.) Jennifer and Anissa are the daughters of Adams' Lynn and Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning (played by Cress Williams) and are the reason Jefferson comes out of vigilante retirement. A local gang, The One Hundred, is causing more and more trouble within the community. As crime, corruption, and violence increases, Jefferson -- who has been a family man and high school principal for the last nine years -- heads back to the street to counter the gang. And, as Adams hints when talking about empowering young women, Jefferson's daughters are pretty powerful themselves. Jennifer is described as "an independent, outspoken scholar-athlete with a wild streak of her own" while Anissa is also accomplished, working as a part-time teacher while also going to medical school.

Of course, not everyone saw Supergirl as the way to serious girl power. McClain was more interested in a certain scarlet speedster paying a visit for one simple reason: she just wants to race Barry Allen (Grant Gustin.)

Black Lightning will premiere on January 16, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW.