'Black Lightning': Thunder Wants To Team Up With Supergirl

Nafessa Williams, who plays Anissa Pierce/Thunder on Black Lightning, would like to team up with Supergirl.

During a recent interview, Williams was asked the ever-looming question about crossing over with some of DC's other superhero shows on The CW, the network that carries Black Lightning. She did not say there were any plans, but said she would enjoy teaming up with Melissa Benoist's last (well...last until this week, when we found out differently) daughter of Krypton.

"I think it would be really cool to team up with Supergirl," Williams told Qweerist. "I'm all about female empowerment. Nothing's better than bad-ass women fighting crime, and I'd love to team up with the women!"

Black Lightning has already name-dropped Supergirl once, during the show's first season, but it seemed likely that they were talking about her as a fictional character.

A comic book featured in a later episode of Black Lightning featured Supergirl -- but also featured characters who later appeared onscreen in Black Lightning, making it distinctly possible that the comic itself is not feature the same interior contents within the show that it does in real life.

The first season of Black Lightning centered on the title hero's hunt for Tobias Whale, the mob boss who murdered his father. While that was unfolding, Black Lightning's daughters developed super powers of their own, and while one -- Jennifer (China Anne McClain) -- decided not to use them publicly, the other became Thunder.

While showrunner Salim Akil has not ruled out the possibility of a crossover with other superhero shows airing on The CW, the likelihood has seemed remote: part of the reason the DC/CW annual crossovers work is that the series all film in close proximity to each other in and around Vancouver. Black Lightning films in Atlanta.

Most of the shows on The CW take place on Earth-1 in the DC multiverse; Supergirl takes place on Earth-38. She occasionally crosses over with the Earth-1 shows -- something that has become easier and more common due to factors both in-story (a device invented by Cisco Ramon) and outside of it (Supergirl moved its production from Los Angeles to Vancouver in its second season).


it is not yet confirmed that Black Lightning even theoretically exists within that shared DC multiverse, although when ComicBook.com asked Akil whether he had considered what the show's numerical "Earth" designation would be, he replied, "Yeah, you know it."

Both Black Lightning and Supergirl will return in the fall. Both will air on The CW, with Supergirl running at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Sundays and Black Lightning airing at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Tuesdays.