Captain Boomerang Is A Mix Of The Comic Versions

Cap Boomerang

When Suicide Squad revealed that they were bringing Captain Boomerang to the big screen for the first time, a lot of fans weren't sure what to expect.

The character was a part of the '80s Squad, for sure, but that version of the character wasn't the muscly sex symbol Jai Courtney is. He was chubby, wore a silly costume and a neckerchief, and ultimately died in one of DC's more prominent crossover event stories.

He was replaced by his son, who was not only slim and young, but had powers to boot. That didn't seem like a direction they were going in the movie, though.

Then there was the New 52 version of the character, who was essentially a hybrid of both. On Arrow, meanwhile, he was briefly introduced in the first crossover with The Flash and was brutal and menacing in a way he rarely was in the comics.

So which Boomerang will be showing up to the party in Suicide Squad?

A little of everything.

"I think, I mean it is somewhat of an amalgamation I think, it's probably the fairest thing to say," Courtney said during a set visit. "I was curious about that, and look I have my own ideas but we're not bound, we haven't set something up that we're bound by, and David and I had a discussion about that early on. I mean look, who knows within this property, I guess that leaves room and freedom in a sense to kind of go either way, but at this stage it's not necessarily specified."

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