Here Is What Chris Hemsworth Could Look Like as Aquaman

Ever since Jason Momoa was introduced as DC's big screen Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of [...]

Ever since Jason Momoa was introduced as DC's big screen Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there have been a few doubters and purists wishing for a more "classic" look for the ocean-dwelling hero. If you find yourself in this camp, a new piece of fan art is probably right up your ally, as it puts Chris Hemsworth under the sea to take on the role of Arthur Curry.

Artist BossLogic has been taking some time to "swap" actors between similar Marvel and DC roles, letting fans see what it would look like if specific actors were cast by the other company instead. This series includes a trade of Robert Downey Jr. for Ben Affleck, as well as a change-up between Superman Henry Cavill and Captain America Chris Evans. However, the most intriguing of these options is undoubtedly the swap of Hemsworth and Momoa.

Looking at Momoa as Thor, and Hemsworth as Aquaman, it's clear that both of these could actually work, especially in Hemsworth's case.

With the blonde hair and beard, Hemsworth is a perfect fit for the classic, comic-accurate Aquaman look. He played a fish out of water in the first Thor movie, and he's got a great, self-aware sense of humor. He could have easily taken on the role of Aquaman had it ever been available to him.

Instead, DC went with a much different style for Aquaman, and most folks aren't complaining. Even if you were hoping for something more in line with the comic character, Momoa brings enough charm and charisma to the role and truly finds ways to make it his own.

Plus, everyone has long loved Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of Thor, which dates back to 2010. Unfortunately, the actor's tenure with Marvel Studios could be up after the release of Avengers 4 in 2019.

In what may be one of his final performances as the God of Thunder, Hemsworth got quite a lot of screen time in Avengers: Infinity War, a film where the spotlight was scarce. Thor's journey was one of the focal points of the movie, but it almost looked a lot different.

"We explored a lot of different ideas of where Thor could go for that weapon," co-director Joe Russo said earlier this year. "We even had versions of the story at one time where he was going to visit this sort of ghost of his dead grandfather - which was one version we were playing with that we didn't end up using. I am happy where we had settled."

"[Thor] really goes on kind of a like a classic hero's journey," Russo explained. "We wanted to create the feeling in the film that Thor was actually going to save the day. So, him going to get this weapon that could kill Thanos was a critical part of the story and we had to give a lot of screen time and a lot of strong dramatic interest because we really wanted people invested in that - so that they would be coming into the climax of the film with that feeling."

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