Colton Haynes Is Apparently On the Set of Arrow

It's been speculated for a while that Arrow's Colton Haynes would return to reprise his role as [...]


It's been speculated for a while that Arrow's Colton Haynes would return to reprise his role as Roy Harper/Arsenal at some point in the show's fifth season. Now, it seems as though that appearance will come pretty early.

At present, Arrow is still shooting the third episode of Season Five, titled "A Matter of Trust," and series regular Echo Kellum, who recently promised fans that they'll get to see his Mr. Terrific during the show's fifth season, posted some images to Snapchat of himself henging out with Haynes.

Haynes is not, as far as we can tell, in wardrobe for Arrow, so it's possible he's simply in Vancouver and stopped to visit his former castmates -- but it's equally likely that his anticipated guest appearance is happening now.

Unless they do exterior filming and Haynes gets spotted by fans or paparazzi, it's likely we won't know for sure which episode he's appearing in until the season's premiere date gets closer.

With Diggle's departure from the team and Black Canary's death, the only two members of Team Arrow left standing at the end of Season Four were Oliver and Felicity, who have drafted some help in the form of Echo Kellum, otherwise known as Mister Terrific.

They'll need all the help they can get as they take on a new vigilante, one who has a history with Oliver, and a true reason to hold a grudge. In fact, you could say he or she only exists because of Oliver, and that will play a major role throughout the season.

Combined with the return of Madison McLaughlin's Artemis, and new addition Cody Rhodes as a yet unnamed character, things will be quite busy in the Arrowverse this year. Not to mention the mystery of what Laurel told Oliver in her final moments, which is the biggest question mark leading into next season.

Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 5th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.