Comic-Con 2022: New Batman/Spawn Crossover Announced

Officially announced as part of DC's Jim Lee & Friends Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, legendary writer Todd McFarlane and legendary artist Greg Capullo are officially teaming up for an all-new Batman/Spawn comic book crossover. McFarlane will pen the script for the issue with Capullo providing interior art, marking a reunion for the two that previously did countless issues of the flagship Spawn series together. The new Batman/Spawn crossover marks the first time that the two heroes have been together since 1994's Batman/Spawn: War Devil and the Spawn/Batman one-shot by Frank Miller and McFarlane. DC confirmed the former will be reprinted ahead of the new issue.

Batman/Spawn #1, a one-shot for now, will be released on December 13 by DC Comics, with the Batman/Spawn: War Devil rerelease happening on November 15. The new issue, a premium 48-page one-shot already has fans clamoring for more details, but little is actually known about it as of now. Two covers for the comic were shown at the event, one where Batman stands on-top of Spawn and another where Spawn is victorious over the Dark Knight. Knowing McFarlane there will likely be a ton of other variants for the issue.

McFarlane and Capullo would collaborate on dozens of issues of Spawn at Image Comics, starting with Spawn #16 and carrying on regularly through Spawn #103. Capullo returned to the character in guest spots and providing covers sporadically and also worked on several spinoffs with McFarlane like Violator and Haunt. In the time since though he's gone on to draw countless issues of Batman, collaborating with Scott Snyder on the fan-favorite "New 52" run of the character, making him the perfect artist for this new crossover.

"We had the first one Frank Miller and I did, that did pretty well. Then years later we announced another one that I was going to do and Greg Capullo was going to draw," McFarlane previously told in 2017 about another Batman & Spawn crossover. "Then Greg ends up being the pre-eminent Batman artist of the last few years, so we were sort of ahead of the curb. Maybe we'll resurrect that when the time's right. I think that both of the characters visually fit with each other, and I think that there's enough character differences that it's not just the same guy in a different suit. The story I pitched them was about how all the opposites -- character flaws if you will. Hopefully someday I can find an opening there to do that myself."   

Check back here for more details on the Batman/Spawn crossover comic as we learn more about it.