Constantine Season One Is Available For Sale Digitally Again

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

After having been pulled from the market shortly before Matt Ryan's guest appearance on Arrow last year, the first season of NBC's short-lived DC/Vertigo adaptation Constantine is now available for purchase on Vudu and iTunes.

Some episode appear to have been made available again on Amazon's streaming video service, but not all.

It's not clear exactly when the videos became available for purchase again, but it's been clear for some time that demand for the series hadn't diminished much since it was cancelled. A small but very vocal group of "Hellblazers" on social media spend their time trying to get the series picked up for a second season, get Ryan brought back to Arrow or cast on Legends of Tomorrow, and even petitioning for a Season One DVD, which producers had said would only be made if the show got a second season. Around the time El Rey Network bought the rights to re-run the series, that option disappeared -- meaning that any episodes you didn't already own, you couldn't buy.

It's been months since Constantine appeared on Arrow, and while the episode provided the CW hit with a boost in its ratings that week, it didn't seem to motivate anybody to rush right out and demand more Constantine.

"Haunted," the Arrow episode in which Ryan guest-starred as Constantine, remains the top-rated episode of Arrow ever by the readership on our TV database.


Barring any kind of rights tie-ups or other unknown reasons why it wouldn't work, Constantine seems a good candidate for getting a DVD on the Warner Archive, which has previously released seasons of The Adventures of Superman and Superboy. The Archive is a print-on-demand service for smaller titles which might not have enough of a fan base to justify a full print run and a mainstream retail release.