Crisis on Infinite Earths Just Killed the Titans Universe

Crisis on Infinite Earths is rolling on The CW and fans are absolutely shocked at the lengths the show went in just the first episode. One moment that will have a lot of people talking is the appearance of a few of the Titans on the show as things got going. Both Robin and Hawk both cameoed early on in the episode which caused quite a stir among the denizens of social media. But, it was not to be for long as their universe was one of many to fall to the Anti-Matter wave. The cameos really were quick and some fans who might not be familiar with the DC Universe mainstay might have been just a bit confused by the brief reference. Rumors swirled that the Titans would appear as part of the event, but some dismissed them as just wild conjecture at the time. After everything that has been announced, it is safe to say most things are absolutely on the table for the series as so many DC surprises still hover in the distance. Still, there have been so many losses already and the Crisis itself is really only getting started. Despite creeping around the Arrowverse for a majority of this season already, Sunday proved to be the moment where things really started to hit the fan. *Massive spoilers for this week's episode of Supergirl, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Part 1, below! Turn away now before it is too late*

As the episode opens on a montage of Earths claimed by the Anti-Matter wave, the viewer is introduced to some of the realities that are out there. Inside the montage, you can find "Earth-6", where Hawk and Robin are from. Hank Hall (alan Ritchson) and Jason Todd (Curran Walters) but barely have a chance to appear before they are overcome by the vicious wave.

This leaves the viewer with some serious questions about how interconnected everything in these shows is. It looks like Titans' universe is indeed connected to the Arrowverse. But, a fat lot of good that does anyone with that Earth destroyed. Fans know that Titans was renewed for Season 3, so there has to be something coming up to help solve that tricky little detail.


But, Titans isn't the only DC Universe show to make some room for itself in the Arrowverse. Stargirl's upcoming live-action series is coming and she will factor heavily in the Crisis going forward. DC Universe's programming is a bit less interconnected than The CW shows, but that is all coming to a head right now. Marc Guggenheim warned the fans that they were shooting for the moon with this crossover and episode one proves that intent with this reveal.