Dan Didio Makes First Comment On DC Comics Departure

Dan Didio Makes First Statement Leaving DC Comics

DC Comics fans got a major shock over the weekend, when it was announced that co-publisher Dan Didio was exiting the company. While fans and industry insiders all have all been speculating about the reasons behind Didio's exit, in the end that's all it is: speculation. However, now Dan Didio is taking to social media to post a message voicing his side of the story concerning what happened in the DC Comics split. In the shortest possible version of the statement, Didio basically says that he's been humbled by the outpouring of fan support, and kind of just leaves it at that.

Here's the full statement that Dan Didio posted regarding his DC Comics exit - and beneath that, the nostalgic video he posted for fans to enjoy:

"Overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of love and support and it leaves me at a loss for words (first time for everything). So, instead, I’ll turn to what was said nearly five years ago on April 10, 2015 to best sum up how I feel. Love to you all"

The video was actually shot in 2015, on a final day in the old DC Comics offices. The reason that Didio felt like it was a good one to unearth is pretty clear: his speech to the DC Comics staff on that day centered on one main theme: that though the comics and creative minds behind them may change, the heart and soul of DC Comics never does. Although Didio's caption on the video makes it clear he's a bit too emotional for words right now, he also clearly believes in his own philosophy that DC Comics will continue to live on and be the magical place of imagination that it is, long after he's moved on.


As of now Jim Lee is acting as sole publisher of DC Comics, until the company announces more formal plans of succession for Dan Didio. Didio has similarly not said anything about what his next step will be, professionally. He was at the forefront of the successful DC reboots of the 2010s ("New 52" & "Rebirth), but also some of the companies major failings and recent downsizing. Didio also had a major reboot of the DC Timeline in the works, which would've streamlined events into five key eras (or "Generations") that better fit the modern universe. There are now whispers that plans for the DC "5G Timeline" could be scrapped with Didio's exit, although that has yet to be confirmed, as well.

Stay tuned as this story develops.