DC Comics Makes a Major Change to OMAC

We're nearly halfway through the run of Metal Men, the latest 12-issue maxiseries to hail from DC [...]

We're nearly halfway through the run of Metal Men, the latest 12-issue maxiseries to hail from DC Comics. The saga chronicles the modern-day adventures of Will Magnus and his loyal Metal Men, just as their world and sense of agency is thrown through the proverbial wringer. The series has already brought multiple major conflicts to fruition, including whatever the heck continues to be going on with Nth-Metal Man. If that wasn't enough, Metal Men's latest narrative brought back one of the most memorable cyborgs in the DC canon -- before giving it a major status quo change. Spoilers for this week's issue of Metal Men below! Only look if you want to know!

Much of the issue took place at RoboCon 2020, where Tin and Lead were set to be regarded as guests of honor. The whole convention was quickly complicated by the arrival of Mother Machine, a new villain with the ability to convert unsuspecting humans into cyborgs. Conveniently, Kevin Kho was also present at the convention, and was quickly turned by Brother Eye into his O.M.A.C. form. This led to confusion from Tin and Lead, but they ultimately agreed to join forces with O.M.A.C. and punch their way through the robotic underlings. At some point in the fight, O.M.A.C. took matters into his own hand to fight Mother Machine, and attempted to fight her off singlehandedly.

Once Mother Machine realized that Brother Eye was involved, she decided to test whether or not her Apokoliptic nanocytes technology would overpower O.M.A.C.'s New Genesis tech.

metal men omac 1
(Photo: DC Comics)

She infected O.M.A.C. with the nanocytes, which Brother Eye quickly realized could be deadly to them both. Brother Eye decided that only one option was possible -- severing his connection with Kevin.

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(Photo: DC Comics)
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(Photo: DC Comics)

The moment happened with an epic E.M.P. blast, which stopped all of Mother Machine's underlings in the process. Kevin eventually came to and realized what happened, and that his connection to O.M.A.C. was gone. He remarked that he's "not sure what to do" without Brother Eye in his life.

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(Photo: DC Comics)

It's unclear at this point what the future holds for O.M.A.C. as an entity - or Kevin Kho as a character - which makes this plot twist all the more surprising. Kevin has been the most prominent O.M.A.C. operative since the dawn of the New 52, which makes the (seemingly) end of his tenure all the more bittersweet.

Metal Men #5 is available in stores now. Issue #6 will be released on March 18th.